Journey towards Parenthood – week 10 (01/12 - 01/18)

Baby stuff, Baby stuff everywhere!

Week 10 was a lot of fun! I was able to get a short break from work, and before school starts and I have to get back into school related work, I took advantage of this time to organize all the baby things that I have bought in the last year and few months. I have to confess it was crazy! I did not realize how many things I had actually bought and obtained during this time.

Since the holidays are over, stocking boxes were on sale. I bought 3 and still used boxes of things that I gotten shipped to my house to put some things away. Thankfully there was no-one coming to our house so I could use the guest room to organize everything. The thing is that when they see you with so many things they think that you are already pregnant, instead of thinking that you are just planning ahead and doing what they call "nesting". This week was the first time I ever heard this term. As I was organizing my diaper stash, the baby clothes in one box, and blankets in another, my husband came into the room and said: "Oh, I guess you are nesting!" I thought because seeing everything over the bed made it look like a nest, but no, it was more because I was gathering things here and there for the little one, which made sense.

For the moment I can say that I have enough clothes for the first year of our little one, either if the bay is a boy or a girl. Of course I can always buy the eventual outfit here and there, however I would wait until I actually find out the baby's gender. I do have enough blankets for the moment, and I do hope I don't buy more, though I have to confess I have a problem and that is that I have become addicted to baby blankets. Oh my gosh, they are sooooo soft! I want them all! I did find out that I also have nursing things such as nursing covers, a breast pump, which should be my backup, and an awesome bag for my breast pump. I did see that I now have about 4 wraps, 2 slings, and 1 carrier. I think this is good, because I intend to babywear and my husband also wants to be able to babywear, so it is good to have variety so he can also choose what is comfortable for him to carry the baby.

I am very excited about my cloth diaper stash. This week I bought 4 diapers from EcoAble, and with those, I would have already 23 diapers, which is awesome since I read online that the minimum recommended for you to have are 30, so I think that I might get there before being pregnant and that would be an awesome save. I will later make a list of the cloth diapers I have for you guys to know what I have. Only 7 more to go to meet my goal of 30 as a minimum, and anything else that comes by the time the baby gets here, will always be very welcomed.

Overall it has been a good week. I felt the time for the baby to come even closer, and that always gets me more than happy. Seeing all the baby stuff was overwhelming for my husband, because he did not know that I had already bought all of that. We are still missing the bigger items like; crib, stroller, carseat, rocker, bathing products, and some feeding products such as bottles, teethers, and pacifiers, but all will come.

Get into a discussion with me. Question time!
  1. Had you purchased baby related items before even getting pregnant? 
  2. Did people think you were already pregnant just by seeing what you were getting?
  3. Were people congratulating you for being pregnant before you actually were pregnant just by seeing your purchases?
  4. Did you buy something baby related and freaked out your partner in crime, when they realized all your shopping items? (I know it often happens with cloth diapers, because they are adorable and some people become addicted to buying them, guilty of charge.)
You can answer one or all of the questions above if you'd like. Since my family is far away, I appreciate all the input and insights that my readers and this community have to offer.

Until next time.

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