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Hello friends from "The Happy Baby Blog". Today I am very happy to share with you my experience with a crafty and "environmentally conscious" small business called Meadow Goods. This small business´ focus is to create all-purpose non-paper goods for the family. In this case, I was very excited to obtain some cloth wipes made by the owner, and I was so charmed by them that I really had to share them with my readers.

 For the past 6 months, I have been researching on the benefits of using cloth wipes, and cloth diapers in regards to baby care. Not only because it saves you a lot of money in the long run, but also because we really can´t expect the planet to recover by itself. We have to start making little changes that in long term will reflect and truly make a difference. Cloth is not only healthier for the baby and the rest of the family, but it is also environmentally friendly, specially if you recycle, upcycle, and buy local or from small businesses. And I am very happy that some larger corporations are also seeing the benefits of being more environmentally friendly since it is a trend that is coming back and hopefully stay for a long time.

Meadow Goods is aware of this, and they work with you if you have a special interest in a product they can create for you.

If you are interested in looking at their products, you can find the links to their websites below:

Likes: The communication with the owner was more than great, and as a plus, she is a very kind person. If you have a special project related to the kind of products they have, she'll work with you. (Of course, within reason) Shipping was super fast. Prices are very accessible for what the products are. I truly appreciated the care the product I received was handled with. It came with a very cute string/rope to hold them together, which gives it a very "natural" feel. It also came with a cute "Thank You" note, and hand written washing/care instructions.

Overall, my experience with Meadow Goods was excellent. I was treated great, you can feel the energy placed into the creation of the products, and the care given so that you can enjoy the product you got. After all this delightful experience, how could I not talk about it and share it with you guys. I was beyond astonished with this experience, and I will definitely recommend Meadow Goods for you cloth lovers out there.

This blog supports and promotes small businesses. If you have a product that you'd like for us to review or a small business you'd like us to share, you are more than welcome to contact us at "The Happy Baby Blog".

Disclosure: I obtained this product as a prize after winning a giveaway. I was so pleased with the quality of service and the product itself that I asked permission to the owner of Meadow Goods to talk about the product and company. There are links in this blog post that lead to websites related to the product described in the text, however, I am not being compensated for the traffic leading to Meadow Goods, nor for making this review. The product was received prior discussing a review or promoting their business. This blog post is not endorsed by Etsy.

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  1. That print is ADORABLE! We love owls here. Have you had any pilling problems with the black fabric? That would be my only concern that it would get all over my white diapers.

    1. Yeah, my husband´s family is very much into owls. In my family it is more about fairies and gnomes/elves and mermaids, lol. About the pilling problem. I usually wash light colors and bright colors separately so I don´t know for sure if it might be a problem in that matter, but what I do know is that the owner of Meadow Goods will work with you, so she would find a fabric that is mostly within your needs and you can just share the fact that you have a concern for the pilling or colors and she will totally work with you to find a nice pattern and fabric that won´t ruin other clothes or diapers of yours. Ain´t that cool?