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This is a PR friendly blog. We love products and sharing our experience with them through word-of-mouth and social media. We are embracing a journey towards parenthood, so we welcome any family-friendly, baby, toddler, maternity, and daddy-to-be products for previews, reviews, and/or giveaways. I love hosting giveaways and sponsors are always invited to join us for that matter. You guys rock! If you would like your services or products reviewed, please contact me with the link to your store or website, and a description of the service and/or products to be reviewed. Sponsors that we are looking for, but not limited to, are those who´s companies are dedicated to: Baby-gear, Maternity products, family-friendly products, toys, books, DVDs and Movies/Series, Organic and Certified Organic products (Food, beauty products or gear), gadgets, and all who wants to be part of our journey that also fit our lifestyle needs. If you are an Etsy shop, or a small business, we also welcome you and kindly invite you to promote with us. I love the uniqueness of small businesses and hard working individuals.

Please use this contact method:

thehappybabyblog [{at}] gmail [{dot}] com

(Please use an @ symbol instead of [{at}], and a period instead of [{dot}] This has been typed this way to avoid excessive spam.

PR Reviews/offers policy:

  • Reviewed items should be full size, so that they can be reviewed accurately.
  • A review post may take 2-5 weeks to be published, it varies depending on the products. Some products may require more than a week to test. If you need a review sooner, let me know.
  • The review to be published will contain my honest experience and opinion with your product or service. I don't write reviews based on what a company tells me to write to have more customers. My reviews usually contain a “Likes” section, and a “Dislikes/Suggestions for improvement” section, so that both subjects can be taken into consideration.
  • The review post will have photos and may include video too, depending on the type of product. Though usually the compensation for writing the review is keeping the product itself, if you would like for me to post the review in Spanish as well, we can make arrangements for the possibility. I am Hispanic and it is important to address the spanish-speaking population as well.
  • I will share the review post through social media via: pinterest, twitter, instagram, blogloving, and facebook.
  • After the review is published, I will get back to you with a link to the post.
  • After the review, the product will become property of “The Happy Baby Blog”, meaning that the product will not be returned to you (the company, organization, etc) Consider that the products that I keep have continuous free publicity through word-of-mouth, as I like to share information about the products I use.
  • Because this is a baby-related blog, I will only review family friendly products, mainly maternity and baby/toddler products. For any other products, arrangements can be made, just keep it family friendly.
  • Because my family and lifestyle demands are GMO-free oriented, we reserve the right not to review a product that has an intake nature that contains such products. This includes and is not limited to other known harmful ingredients such as: aspartame, sucralose, artificial flavors and/or colors, etc. We do not consume any food, drinks, or beauty products containing the above mentioned.
  • Because of the above said, we highly embrace and promote organic and certified organic products.
  • I expect that the product I will be receiving for review will be in good shape. If it arrives damaged, or different color,size, quantity, or the item itself, etc, I will not conduct any review. If this is the case, you can make arrangements to send the correct item or a new one if damaged.
  • Review posts will stay active in my blog for 3 months, after that, the review will be removed, unless agreed upon.
  • I will reserve the right to publish the review if the terms stated above are not met, no exceptions.
  • I disclose reviews that I write to avoid any problems or misleading information.

Information contained in the product/service review:

  • Name of your company
  • Name of the product
  • Links to your website/product site, facebook, twitter or any of your choosing, as long as it does not lead my readers to harms-way nor to non-related links or websites.
  • My review, which may contain, but is not limited to the following sections: Physical description of the product, stated company information/background history, the use and practicality of the product/service, Likes, Dislikes/Sugestions for improvement, and my over-all honest opinion.
  • Product photos (Video content will be to my discretion, and chosen to be made depending on the type of product reviewed)
  • An additional review in Spanish will only be published upon arrangement.
  • Disclosures on the review if applicable. I abide by FTC guidelines.
  • And may share additional information on a particular event or a limited time offer based upon previous agreement.

Sponsoring Giveaways

  • I love giveaways, and you are welcomed to sponsor a giveaway through my blog.
  • It is important to let me know that this is of your interest before I publish either a review or just the giveaway, so I can make arrangements.
  • Giveaways will run through GT tools or similar electronic means and winners will be chosen at random.
  • It will be the sponsor's responsibility to ship the prize to the winner's choice of address. I will only be responsible for sharing the opportunity to win by participating, promoting the giveaway, choosing a winner, and being the intermediate with the communications between the winner and sponsor for prize shipping purposes only.
  • It will be up to the participant to choose which options of entry they prefer when entering a giveaway. There will always be a "Free Entry" option, as any type of purchase to gain an entry will not be mandated.
  • The official entry to the giveaway should be free. I will not run a giveaway that requires the participant to purchase something or pay for an entry. The only requirements for entries will be simple online tasks.(Facebook likes, follows, and a visit to your site; always giving the participant the choice to do the task for an extra entry or not, and according to the Giveaway tools rules, which are subject to change)
  • Facebook likes, and twitter follows will have a limited number, as both social media venues block users' preferences if they abuse these features, and also applies according to the Giveaway tools rules of use.
  • It is the sponsor's responsibility that once the winner is chosen, and the shipping information given, the prize should be shipped accordingly and in a timely manner. It is important for the winner to receive the exact prize unless stated otherwise.
  • I will not be responsible for prizes not delivered, damaged, or different from the ones advertised. However, I will do my best to continue communication with the sponsor to fix this problem. If the problem won't be fixed, I have the right to reserve running future giveaways with the sponsor on my blog.

Participant Disclosure:

To participate on giveaways in this blog, you may be required to do simple tasks such as: Facebook follows, twitter follows, likes, pinterest follows, pinning, among other social media related tasks. You will always have a choice to decide if you want to do that entry's task or not. Just remember that you will not get an entry credited if you fail to do the simple task. There will always be a “free” entry so you can participate. Entrants do not have to purchase a product in order to participate in a giveaway. It is important that when you are participating, you share a real-working email address that you often use for me to send you the winning notification if that is your case. The winner will only have 48 hours, unless explicitly specified, to reply with their name, shipping address, and possibly phone number so that the sponsor can ship their prize. Failing to reply within the time established will invalidate the winner's right to the prize and I will randomly select a new winner for that contest/giveaway.


The participants' personal private information will not be shared with the sponsor nor any other parties. However, your email will be asked in order to contact you in case you are a winner. Please understand that if you are a winner your real full name, shipping address, and maybe phone number may be asked of you in order to send the prize. If you refuse to share this information only for the purpose of shipping your prize, we will have to find another random winner to send the product to.

Information Disclosure:

Some of the information in the above statements and disclosures may change in time. It is recommended for you to check the relevant information before you participate on a giveaway or take action while reading a review. It is my goal to make this blog as honest and enjoyable as possible. Please understand that we are all different, and that my opinion and needs/life might not be of everyone's likings or might differ from yours. Please take my publications as mere informative venues for you to make an informed decision of products you might be interested in. Don't take my word for it, inform yourself, compare and if needed, try the product/service yourself. I just hope that my publications can be of help in assisting readers during research with additional information about a product/service, and to share my journey towards parenthood with my family, friends, and readers. If you got to this part, thank you for your time and consideration.

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