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My friends call me Missha, and I am a happily married Hispanic woman, with the heart of a child, and the mind of an ancient soul, or so I've been told. (smile)
The idea of “The Happy Baby Blog” came from the need to share information that I've come across and researched about baby-related products and parenthood.
I do have to confess that we haven't been blessed yet with a little one. However, hubby and I have discussed getting pregnant next year, and agreed that because economy is not the best right now, it is best to start buying some of the things with this much time. I do agree it is a very smart thing to do. Almost like a strategy so that we can focus our energy on being newly parents, and not worry about those things at the last minute.
Having this much time at hand, has allowed me to research some of the best baby-related products out there, what to avoid when searching for baby stuff, and what things are worth every penny you buy.
For me, parenthood is not only about bragging about the little one, which I know is unavoidable, it is about testing myself. I was raised being a bit paranoid and obsessive about things. I have always been afraid that I might end up being an overprotective parent and that is something I do want to avoid. I believe my mother did a great job with both my brother and I, and she gave us a lot of freedom, but always told us why the “do not” apply, and the consequences of our acts. I think this was very wise and helped us learn the good from the bad and to value what we had. I want to do the same, and I am lucky that my husband has great values and I know he will be a great father, which I am very grateful for.

Parenthood is not easy, that is a fact. But isn't it great when you can find ways to make life more practical so you can enjoy your little ones more?
I believe in happiness, and that as long as you try to see the glass half full most of the time life is good. Smiling is contagious and what better way to put your little grain of sand to start changing the world that way.
I know that life is not always the way we want it to be, but I like to think that those challenges allow us to see all of our choices and really guide us to the right path. Yes, you might think I am overly optimistic, and the truth is that it is only 80% of the time. At least I try right?

I love art. I draw and sketch, I create music, I write, and enjoy all forms of art. I love doing research and hunting for treasure. I love to find hard-t-find objects online, as this helps when I collect objects. I love cool findings and sharing this with my friends. I love collecting dolls, among other things. I love photography, and nature.
Currently I share a youtube channel with my husband. We have been growing our greens for about 2 years, and only have been sharing it for the past year. We make videos about our garden and share what has been successful for us and how we did it. It is fun and it requires teamwork, because it is not easy.

For now, I am excited to welcome you to my new blog “The Happy Baby Blog”. So follow me on my journey, as husband and I explore how to be better prepared for when our “minis” arrive to this world. And remember, try to make the best our of your day.

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