Disney Jr. Doc McStuffins - School of Medicine - DVD Review!


Hi friends and welcome to another review by "The Happy Baby Blog". I was given the opportunity to share my opinions and review the new DVD series: Disney Jr. - Doc McStuffins - School of Medicine.

Release date: September 9th 2014
Price: May range between $12.96 - $19.99 (The price might vary lower or higher depending on the time and place of purchase)

 "The Doc is in!"- My experience with this product
This video experience was very special. My husband and I are of the thought that it is important to see any type of series before the kids get to watch them, just to make sure that both the language and the messages are right for what we want for our little ones. I was very surprised to see my husband giggling at the diverse situations throughout the episodes, which lead me to think that not only this series would be good for the kids, but that parents and caregivers might enjoy watching this series right next to the little ones and have a good quality and fun time together.

Physical Package
The pack has a hard cover protecting the DVD case. It has the same cover image in both the DVD and the hard cover. This DVD pack comes with a Free Doc Dress-up Play Set Inside. This is like a paper doll with a nice playhouse set and sticker clothes for your little one to be able to play with them.

DVD Content
This DVD comes with the options to listen or subtitle the episodes in English, French and Spanish. There are 5 episodes, and each is divided in two different situations in which the Doc teaches the toys how to stay happy and healthy. This makes a total of 10 fun and entertaining adventures to watch and learn from.

1) Chilly Gets Chilly
    Through The Reading Glasses

2) Disco Dress Up Daisy
   The Glider Brothers

3) Celestial Celeste
    Run Doc Run!

4) Hallie´s Happy Birthday
    Shark-Style Toothache

5)Think Pink
    You Foose, You Lose

The language was simple for kids to understand and very compassionate. Nothing rude, no harsh expressions, nor complicated vocabulary. The messages are simple to follow for young kids, and I am sure they would be very well enjoyed by parents too. The characters are adorable, and I am sure that kids can feel empathic with some of the characters in the different episodes. I feel it is always fun to play pretend, and to have characters that play pretend with their toys too. My favorite features were; the diversity of characters, and the way of using gentile vocabulary so that kids could learn, follow, and understand it. My husband is not a big fan of musicals in any series or movies, but he shared that this series had the right amount of songs in it. I do love musicals so I don´t mind, but I guess for those parents that don´t enjoy them that much, this series is not bad at all. So if you are a parent or caretaker that likes to spend time with the little ones while they watch an animated series, this might be a great option for you and your family to enjoy together.

Though the series is lovely, I only saw other kids that were not members of the main character´s family about twice. I think it would be more fun if Doc McStuffins had some human friends showing up more often during the episodes and that they could all play with the toys too.

We enjoyed this DVD series very much. Since we enjoy very much learning about health in our home, this series would come in very handy. It has lovely messages for the kids, and it was also enjoyed by the not-so-little-kids (hubby & me). I am sure that this is going to turn out to be one of our favorite shows to watch with the little ones. Plus it will also teach boys, girls and toys, that trying to stay healthy can be fun.

Disclosure: Allied Hispanic was kind enough to send me this product for free for the purpose of this review. All opinions and experiences shared in this blog post/text are 100% honest and my own. Consider that what works for our family, may not necessarily work for you or your family. I invite you to read more reviews on the above reviewed product so you can make a more informed decision before you purchase this product.

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  1. This would be perfect for my little ones!

  2. My daughter has just recently started playing doctor. I think she would probably love this show!

    1. You truly should try this. My husband fell in love with this series. I am sure that he will encourage our little ones to watch it all the time. It has great messages, and I do think it helps kids not be so afraid of going for check-ups with doctors. I know I hate doctors and hospitals, so I hope they don´t take after me in that matter, lol.