Another thrifty find


Hi friends from "The Happy Baby Blog". I know that it is not Thursday to share a "Thrifty Thursday" post, but since I didn´t share these past Thursdays, I thought: "Why not today?" So here I go...

So wondering around I found a pack of 2 baby bodysuits that have a tag that says "Saks Fifth Avenue". I didn´t find any information on these at all to know how much they were worth or how old these are. They were new in their pack, so I know they were never used. They are white so they can be used by either boy or girl. There is no reference I could find online at all, but I was happy that I only spent $3.00. Any onesie that I can buy for less than $1.50 each makes me happy.

Knowing that our baby can dress nice, with pretty clothes, or brand clothes without having to spend that much is always a treat. I love brands, and I love more that clothes can be "recycled" or "reused" or "rediscovered" and enjoyed while helping a charity at the same time.

Now this is my question to you friends. Have you gone hunting for baby-treasure lately? If so, what have you found? I would love to hear about your finds in a comment.

Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. I haven't been bargain hunting in awhile. But I REALLY need a new pressure cooker. So, I've been watching end of the season sales. Hoping to find one.

  2. I love getting bargains! I especially like buying used clothes/items. I'm pregnant with my first child, and I went to thrift shops to find maternity clothes. I even found a winter maternity coat for $25!

  3. LOVE finding bargains! Can't believe onsies are so expensive!