Journey towards Parenthood – week 9 (01/05 - 01/11)


First prenatal appointment.

Week 9 was a bit busy with work, and all I could think about was related to my first prenatal doctor appointment. Honestly the original reason for that appointment when I was making it was the normal routine pap smear, However the OB/GYN I wanted was so booked, that the next available appointment was almost a month and so after, yikes! It was good, it gave me the opportunity to psychologically prepare for this, because lets face it, who really likes going to one of these visits? No one, that is reality. However it is also true that it is necessary as preventive medicine to be able to catch the bad stuff on time and be treated. The reason why I call it the bad stuff, is because by giving it a name I make it important and I have already brained washed myself that I will not get the bad stuff, so if it does not exist in my head, the longer I avoid it in my life.

The day finally arrived when I had to go. I was excited, because we were able to make of this visit my first prenatal visit too, where I could ask my OB/GYN about different questions I had regarding getting pregnant. She was awesome, and funny, and she thought I was funny too. It was the best connection I could had ever wanted with a doctor. Honestly I felt blessed, because I hate hospitals. I don't know how they do it, really. If you think about it, if you are as paranoid about germs and diseases like I am, the last place you want to be is a hospital. That is why volunteering there was so hard for me, however I did it, and I think that I was so brave when I did it, that it gave me some brownie points for something good in life. Sharing a little about it, I was volunteering as a Medical Interpreter while I was going to school for Medical Billing and Coding. While I found out that it was not truly my call to be a Biller and Coder and it was just going to be very frustrating to be around sick people all the time, I was still able to help a lot of people with that language barrier. It was something I was proud to do for me as a person and which also made me feel like a valued member of the community. Anyways, back to the subject. I am truly happy that I had such a great connection with my OB, because she is going to end up being the one to help me bring our little one to this world, and I felt that this would be a perfect doctor/patient relationship. However, I do have to say that I admire her, she is quite young, and very knowledgeable. Unfortunately for me, it wasn't all hearts and rainbows. I found out that my thyroid gland was acting funny and that it could be a potential issue for getting pregnant. Now it all made sense! That could be the reason why all of a sudden I had a drastic gain of weight without really eating that much, and why I was all of a sudden starting to look like Chewbacca, not meaning to offend any wookiee. I know, my husband laughs every time I say I look like the famous wookiee, he says I am over-exaggerated. I guess it is my way of coping with the fact that I inherited that from my mom's side of the family. Though it is usually the men who are this hairy and not the women necessarily. Though when I told my mom about it, she started laughing saying that I got that from my grandma, which I though it was not funny. Well, maybe a little funny. At least I don't have to worry about being bald, like my brother who I feel for, since he is so traumatized with the fact that he has been loosing his hair at such an early age. I always tell him that it does not matter, because there are lots of very attractive men out there that are bald, for example; Bruce Willis. However, vanity is an eeky part of who we are; thank you for that once again grandma and grandpa, and while I complain of being extra hairy, my brother complains about the need for that extra hair, so all I have to say is that life is weird, lol.

Well, I have to say that I am very grateful that I decided to do this doctor visit when I did, because it was about a month before we started with our plans for a baby, so there was time to treat whatever I was having issues with before creating our little one, and make it work. So as I have mentioned in a previous journal entry, there was in deed a very good reason why things happened when they did. If I had gotten pregnant without having noticed this issue, I could had miscarried, which would had been very hard on me, as it is usually to anyone who losses their little one. I fear I would had gotten traumatized for waiting so long and then not being able to conceive. Anything can still happen, and may or may not happen, however, the difference now is that I am getting treatment, and we have time.

Everything else, came out just fine so in many ways it was a great week. The OB gave us a list of vitamins and pills both my husband and I should take to promote pregnancy, and so we are following the doc's orders. I do have to say that they were very expensive and that I wasn't very happy about that, but the good thing is that there was a sale at Sprouts, which is the grocery store we shop at, and we saved way much more than what we would had on a normal day. Things happen for a reason when they happen and they always have a way of happening when you believe and keep a positive mind. Now, moving forward, eating better, being happier, and enjoying life to attract wonderful things in our every day.

Get into a discussion with me. Question time!
  1. How long before you actually conceived did you have your prenatal appointment with your OB?
  2. Did your husband or partner had to take vitamins too? If so, did he do it, or did he complained about it?
  3. Have you ever had issues with your hormones that did crazy things to your body? If so, share if you feel like it. I would love to hear some crazy stories.
  4. Do you like any Star Wars character? My favorite is Chewbacca, however I think I like him so much that sometimes I am just becoming him, lol.
You can answer one or all of the questions above if you'd like. Since my family is far away, I appreciate all the input and insights that my readers and this community have to offer.

Until next time.

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