Journey towards Parenthood – week 8 (12/29 - 01/04)


Dear 2015, may you bring us a baby this year!

Wow, after traveling during the past week for the holidays, I was ready to get home and organize, clean and have everything ready to receive the New Year. This was going to be a very exciting time. Though I usually do a few New Year traditions like; going in and out of the house with suitcases to promote traveling, and other things like that, this event was mostly about attracting the wish of becoming parents for the first time after a long wait. I held some of the cloth diapers that I have already gotten from my stash and I had them visible. I held the "Happy Baby" doll, that has helped me visualize my future little one and who has also helped me test some baby products before actually trying them on the real baby, and that helped me feel it even closer.

I believe in the law of attraction, and it has worked in my life. I may not have everything I want yet, but I have already started my way on that road. I wrote down my wishes for the new year as I usually do every New Year, and I also had a very good time with my husband watching some good movies, sort of like a date. I have not been very much into big parties with noise and all, so being only with my husband for the New Year, was just perfect. We could do our own gig, watch movies, have a nice dinner, and create our own little New Year projects, which involve visualizing what we want for the next year for us and our family.

I received the New Year with a few surprises in the mail that were for the baby, and that motivated me even more, because it makes me feel that the time is getting close to have our so much waited baby. I have been wanting kids since I was 12, when I started babysitting. I thought that babies were the best thing ever, so since then I dreamed with one day getting married to someone who would be a great father to our kids, and imagined it would happen by the time I was 21, like my mom. But once I hit age 25 and my relationships weren't what I wanted for the rest of my life, I had to really focus on what I wanted. I did not want someone who was just great as a person, I needed someone who was going to be a great father for my little one. And when I finally realized I was looking in the wrong place, I gave myself the opportunity to meet my now husband. I wasn't very happy about having to wait 5 years after we got married, just because economy was so bad, and that was something I couldn't control at all, I guess that is why it was even more frustrating. However, I thought that the best way to make the most out of it would be to invest that time in preparing by saving and buying things little by little for that so awaited baby. It has shown to have been the wisest decision. I was not happy about it, because now I am 34, and soon will be considered high risk, because I will be a first time mom at my age, however I knew deep within my heart that there had to be an even greater reason why destiny decided to make us wait longer.

I am just really happy that the time has finally come, and that this year is the year that we will finally start trying to conceive. It is such an excitement, that I can already feel pregnant, which is scary, but very emotional as well. I have my first prenatal appointment next week, and we will see how it goes. So until then, I will let you know what is happening in this journey towards parenthood, in the mean time; be happy, may all your wishes for this 2015 come to be, loads of blessings for you and your loved ones, and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015!

Get into a discussion with me. Question time!

  1. Did you plan your little ones? If so, how long did you wait, and what were the best perks about that waiting period?
  2. How old were you, when you knew that you really wanted a baby?
  3. Have you ever made any baby related New Year wishes or resolutions? If so, did they come true?
  4. Have you ever tried the law of attraction? If so, what did you get with it?
You can answer one or all of the questions above if you'd like. Since my family is far away, I appreciate all the input and insights that my readers and this community have to offer.

Until next time.

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