Guess who's back, and kicking off with a great comeback?

Hello friends. It's good to be back!

After a few months of being away, due to work being very intense, and endless projects being done, I finally got some time to get back with this project and other projects to come. As some of you may know, my husband and I have been trying to conceive. We are still waiting for the blessing, however, I decided to start a new project where both my husband and I could share a piece of our world with you. Don't worry, we will still have the happy baby, but we will also share other interesting things that we do in our lives like: gardening, cooking, collecting things, etc.

The happy baby blog is oriented to Moms and Dads with a little one in their lives, but since we haven't had the blessing yet, there is not a lot to write about on a daily basis. I think I have pre-nested enough, and might not have anything new to share with you until we actually get pregnant, and I feel that is not really fair for you guys in the long-run. I mean, what if it never happens? I still want to be able to share goodies I find online, offline, and just baby talk. In a way, being connected to the baby world makes me happy, and I feel it makes me a bit more prepared for when we get the blessing of a little one in our lives.

In the mean time, you can come check us out at "The Happy Reviewers Blog". Yes, we are related to "The Happy Baby Blog", haha.

These are the links to follow: 

  • New blog: 
  • New FB: 
  • IG stays the same: @misshavs 
  • Twitter changed from @the_happy_bb to @happyreviewers, so if you were following us, you still are. 
  • Pinterest stays the same: And everything else will stay the same. 

I will be posting in both blogs, the only difference is that; "The Happy Reviewers blog" will have a more general topic in the posts, plus my husband will be sharing his point of view too, and "The happy baby blog" will remain as a baby related blog.

Getting to some great news!!! I have partnered with a pretty amazing company to host a giveaway in which one of my lucky readers will win a great prize pack worth almost $100. Yeah, I know! What a comeback, am I right? So here is a tip: Keep checking in often on our blog or social media so that you get the scoop on this giveaway and not to miss your chance to participate. When will it start? Pretty soon! It could be today, tomorrow, or the next day. But surely enough, it will be this week.

And that is it!

Well, not quite... I cut my hair!
 See you soon!

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