Journey towards Parenthood – week 4 (12/01 - 12/07)

What a crazy week!

I started the week with my normal early morning walk. I had planned that the week was going to be amazing. I had purchased amazing things during Black Friday, and all I could do was wait for them, and enjoy them. I was also very excited about getting my organic prenatal vitamins. It just meant I was one step closer to getting pregnant.

To my surprise, as soon as I came back and wen to walk my neighbor´s dog, by the time I came back I found her on the edge of her steps. She had injured herself really bad. I was glad that I was there to help and that my schedule was flexible so I was able to help her around throughout the day and most of the week. It was kinda crazy to be honest. When things like this happen without any warning, your life can drastically change. I know, it happened when my grandma fell and broke her hips, it was really crazy for three years. Lucky for my neighbor it was only a superficial injury, nothing to really be concerned about, but she still had to slow down her very busy and rushing life.

As mentioned before, there was a lot of things going on during this week. Waiting on stuff to arrive, helping my neighbor out with her stuff, trying to advance with some projects that I was working on, and the normal craziness (the neverending home chores).

I was really excited when my purchases arrived. I started taking my organic prenatal vitamins right away. However, I noticed that my pee looks very yellow ever since I started taking it. Not the color you see when you are not drinking lots of water. It was more like a lime-yellowish color. My husband says that it is just that my body is getting rid of the excess of vitamins and minerals that my body does not need at the moment and that it tends to happen when you take vitamins. I guess I will ask my doctor when I have my next appointment. I have been feeling excited though. I lost some weight, and though I have been a little tired because these have been long days during the week, but still it all feels good.

I have been looking at my new Sarah Wells "Lizzy" bag and I am in love. I was very happy with this purchase. Unfortunatelly I bought this bag during Black Friday and there was a good 15% sale I missed from cybermonday. Oh well, I still got a great deal. I also got to finally see Maleficient, which my husband enjoyed a lot too. A few months ago I bought some fabric to make some cloth diapers and one of the prints was about some of the witches from Disney´s stories. My husband wasn´t very convinced about having our baby wear Maleficient´s print in a cloth diaper, but after he saw the movie he understood and was okay with it. And to be fair, I had bought some Star Wars fabric too, to even the scores.

It has been a slow week in regards to prizes and giveaways. I didn´t enter to many of them as I usually would, and I haven´t won anything lately either. I am aiming for a crib, a stroller, or a Halo Basinnet, but I really have to be persistent and enter daily to see if I get lucky. However, I am confident. I believe in the law of attraction and we have been blessed already with a few prizes that are going to be very useful for when the baby comes. I just can´t wait!

Remember to start your week with a smile. Happy start of the week!

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