Journey towards Parenthood – week 3 (11/24 - 11/30)


Anxiously waiting for Black Friday

Most of this week had been all about deciding what to do with the money I had saved from my birthday and a bit that I had saved from a gig I was doing. I really wanted to buy something useful for the baby for next year, but I also really wanted to buy something for myself. The original idea was to buy a Sarah Wells bag, considering that I had $45 credit towards her bags that I had won in a giveaway, and I was only holding off to see if there was going to be any Black Friday sales in her site. The other thing I knew I had to get like NOW was the certified organic prenatal vitamins. As we are aiming to get pregnant during February, it is imperative that I start taking those as soon as possible just to be safe with the Folic Acid and any other minerals or vitamins that I might be lacking at the moment. I have an appointment with my doctor on the 1st and as far as I know, everything came back normal from my migraine complaints. So it is technically just a follow-up.

Getting the Wi-fi Chills
I had been working with some projects, and thankfully school is over for the Holidays soon! This means, more time for the blog and more time for my projects, yay! One thing that I discovered as I was working with a friend, was that I was able to feel the in-coming communications to her cellphone. That was so odd! I mean, I also carry a mobile with me, wi-fi and all, and nothing! But when it was hers being close, like about a couple of feet away, I could feel when a message was coming into her screen. At the beginning I didn´t know what it was. It felt like a subtle tickle in my thigh and in the inner part of the arm opposing the elbow. Sometimes it was in my feet or the back of my head. It was the weirdest thing, but as soon as it happened again and I saw her laptop screen, I recognized the interference and pointed out that it was her cellphone. She thought it could be mine, as it was above my head, but the next day, I was working on her computer with my cellphone in the same place while she was away, and everything was fine until she came and brought her cellphone again. I have no idea why it may or may not vary from different devices, but she didn´t feel it at all, just me. I know I am hypersensitive, because my husband is too and we have been reading about hypersensitive people. This worries my husband a little because it obviously means our kids are going to be like that too and he thinks it is hard being this way. I think it is fine as long as you live a harmonious life. I am not saying I don´t get easily annoyed by loud noises because I do and the Holidays are coming, which mean that the neighborhood kids are going to be very noisy and running like headless chickens (no offense to the chickens) lol, there is just something about kids that scream very loud for hours on end that just disturbs my well being. Don´t get me wrong. I understand when it is a baby, or when it is a random thing, but with my neighbors, oh my. I honestly worry sometimes that one day something terrible is going to happen to those kids and we are just going to ignore this thinking that they are doing their normal screaming and yelling. Yup, it is that bad. It´s not like kids playing, it literally sounds like if they were killing each other. But it is not all bad. Being hypersensitive gives you the opportunity to literally put yourself in the other person´s shoes. You can also sense if there is danger around you, or something that is out of place for safety purposes. I don´t know, I guess I like to see the pros as more important than the cons. Anyways, so that is something that is kinda going on in the physical matter.

Early Sales
Then of course, Black Friday came early. So many companies offering deals, and sales. Not many of them seemed quite amusing really. Some only offered 10 - 15% off on things, which you can usually get in any other sale event. Some were offering free shipping, and others a gift with your purchase. Still didn´t seem like these sales were for me. It was tempting in some cases, but I figured that if I managed to get to Thanksgiving I would be fine. Then the Holiday came. It is really hard to celebrate like the rest of the Country when you didn´t grow here in the United States. Yes, we had the decorations for the season, and for most of the Mexicans these holidays means great deals while shopping, but once you are living here it changes a little. There is still shopping, but you get to appreciate how important this holiday is for your new friends and your new family. Unfortunately for us, my husband´s family lives far, and he had to work on Friday. Technically it was only him and me, and honestly I had so much going on, that I really didn´t focus much on what the day means. I guess I am always grateful for what I have in life, I don´t think I have to just be grateful 1 day of the year. I do feel bad for my husband, since he got stuck with me, the thanksgiving grinch, lol. I guess I still have to learn the importance of this day and really feel it. I still don´t know which one has more value around here; Christmas or Thanksgiving. I guess I am yet to find out.

Let the games begin!
I was able to get some baby swaddle blankets from swaddle designs since they were on sale. Have I mentioned I have a thing for swaddling blankets? Don´t get me started on that subject. I think it was the only thing I bought before Black Friday and then the day came! Oh what a surprise! Sarah Wells launched 3 more breast pump bags that I could choose from. I was stunned! I thought the "Maddy" bag was okay, but when I saw I had three more options I was bouncing off the walls. I fell in love with the "Lizzy" bag, and the prize just made my day. Using the $45 credit I had won a few months ago, I was able to get the bag for only about $44 more dollars. Oh yeah! So I got my certified organic prenatal vitamins for at least 8 months, my "Lizzy" breast pump bag, and I had some money left. What to do with it? Well let me just put it this way; Amazon was very good to me this shopping holiday. I have been neglecting the use of my GoPro camera. My husband got it for me last year because I felt so passionate about having it. I felt it was the cheapest way to get cinema quality video for future projects. I envision making a documentary one day and thought this would be an ideal place to start. Honestly I have had issues from the beginning using it because either it didn´t have the screen to see what I was shooting. Once I got the monitor to see what I was doing I noticed the battery just got sucked way faster and charging it through the USB just wasn´t enough. I was getting to places with my camera out of juice before even trying to turn it on. That was sad and made me put it away for a while. Lucky for me, there were good deals on accessories for my GoPro and I took advantage of that. I bought an extra battery and a dual charger. This way both my batteries can fully charge at the same time and be ready to go wherever I want to. The micro SD memory cards were also on sale for a ridiculous prize. My husband, my brother and I took advantage of that deal, and 64 GB of memory fell into my lap, or should I say my GoPro´s back? I also got to buy some books for my husband as an early Christmas gift. I was able to buy two movies I wanted. I am a big fan of Harry Potter and now I have 6 movies, two more to go. The other one was Maleficient, and since I didn´t see it at the movie theater, I thought it was a good deal and couldn´t wait to get it home to see it for the first time. Overall, I saw good deals on baby gear, but things that I really didn´t care for, and others that I will consider for next year.

I guess it was a crazy week in regards to sales. My email kept on being saturated with deals, sales and giveaways from different companies. Some I entered, some I passed, some I enjoyed, and some not much. Did you guys get anything exciting during this shopping frenzy? Let me know in a comment, I would love to know what you guys got and where you got it.

Have an amazing week, and I´ll be logging more soon.

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