Journey towards Parenthood – week 2 (11/17 - 11/23)

" What? You want to get pregnant now?!"

This past week has been interesting. Both my husband and I have been trying to get off a weird cold. It all started with very dry weather, very dry sinus, and a bloody nose, gross. I got better, but then you know how you can end up with a residue cough that just does not leave no matter what. That´s the stage I am at now.

I have been planning on buying something useful for the baby, taking advantage that next week is Black Friday. The problem is that there are so many good things that come out with deals, that it is going to be hard to choose what to get. I will only have $288 for Black Friday, though I really need a new computer, I think baby gear would be our priority for now (even if the baby is planned for next year). I know that $100 from the $288 will go to a Sarah Wells breast-pump bag, since I have $45 credit towards one of their bags. I am just crossing my fingers that there will be a sale on Black Friday and maybe I would have to pay less. One can only hope.

Now that I have chosen which prenatal vitamins I am going to take, I can plan on using some of that money towards them too. Hopefully there will be a sale too on those, and I might even buy the whole pack needed throughout the pregnancy, which would be one less thing to worry about. Now, if you are wondering which ones I chose? I am going to get the Rainbow Light Organic Prenatal Vitamins. To us it is very important that what we consume is organic, so those are the only ones I found that had enough folic acid, and tons of reviews so I could make a well informed decision. A lot of people were concerned about American Ginseng, which you are not supposed to consume when pregnant, however, I think they were getting confused with the Woman´s vitamins supplement and not the prenatal vitamins, as they look so similar that it might be easy to confuse them. Has anyone else taken these (The prenatal ones) during their pregnancy? If so, how did it go for you? Thanks. If anyone knows other brands of certified organic prenatal vitamins that have between 800 and 1000mcg of folic acid, I would appreciate the information. Just leave a comment on this post.

Now the funny thing during this week was the fact that my husband kept on mentioning: "Lets get pregnant now, let´s get pregnant now!" I was like "What?! No, we planned to wait until February! So we are sticking to that plan!" Lol, I don´t know if it was the fever he had talking or he really wanted to just get pregnant now. I just think that sticking to the plan would be good, since it would give us a few more months to save and buy stuff, plus I would have to be taking the prenatals for at least a month, and I am just about to buy them on Friday. My husband is so funny that way, but I love him just the way he is and I am very blessed to have him in my life. I was asking him to buy me some of those big storage boxes to start sorting through the baby things I have bought so far throughout the year. He has so many expenses right now that since it was something I asked for, I mentioned that I would pay for them. He just pouted and said: "Hey, it will be my baby too!" Awww that was cute. I guess since so far I am the one buying all the stuff as he pays for the daily living, and I really haven´t given him a chance to buy any baby stuff yet. I guess that once we are pregnant there will be enough time for him to participate too. I was just respecting his feelings, since he mentioned to me that he didn´t want to get all excited about it until we were actually pregnant, which I understand. I wonder what is going to be the first thing he gets by himself and surprises me with. I am very intrigued to see his perception as a dad to what he wants for the baby.

I know that babies come when they are meant to be. We are hoping to get pregnant on February 2015 with our first child, and hopefully it will go as planned. However, I do understand that life has a very funny way of making things happen so we´ll see how that goes. For now, I thank you guys for following our adventure towards the biggest and happiest day of our lives.

Have a great week, enjoy the Holidays, and please be safe during Black Friday shopping. Don´t take your kids if you can avoid it. Crowds are very dangerous. Honestly I rather stay home and shop online, there are great sales, and I don´t place myself and my beloved ones in danger. I do hope that those of you that will wait for the big door busters find great things that are worth the trouble.

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