Witches and brats on Halloween. What do you do?

The Happy Baby is being a brat! Of course he has more facebook friends than me! He is a cute and adorable plastic baby. But still, his attempt to show-off some facebook fans, has just turned into a "Nope, we are not going trick-or-treating tonight".

I remember a time, when Halloween used to be the best holiday every. Wait! It still is the best holiday ever! Everyone gets to be whoever they want to be. Not only kids have fun, but adults do as well. Its the one day/night when you can dress however you want without being judged. However, it is easy for kids to get overstimulated with all the fun, action, and candy. They not only get to see what is happening on one side of the door, because I am sure that you have also prepared yourself to give some trick-or-treaters some yummy stuff.

So here is my thought of today, considering what day it is and all. What happens when too much over-stimulation wickedly turns your adorable little angel into a showing-off little brat, who ends up being mean to other kids, or just tries to get their way with everything on a night such like this? Do you still allow them to go trick-or-treating? Or do you cancel Halloween and place them in "Candy giving" duty to see what they are missing?

I don´t remember ever being a brat on Holidays. My brother and I knew better. However, I do remember having tons of homework one time during Halloween and I would hear the kids singing outside as they asked for their treats. Oh how I struggling to finish my homework with the distraction. I very much wished I was out there with my costume too. Have I mentioned that Halloween is my favorite holiday? I never really cared much for the candy. For me it was all about the costume. However, I do remember seeing kids becoming little devils on Halloween and doing bad stuff. I´ve seen parents that allow them to trick-or-treat but then just confiscate their candy, to make a point. Others, just don´t let them trick-or-treat, which is understandable. We all have different ways to punish our little ones when they get out of line, either with time out, or showing them the consequences of their behavior or so.

Question time!
1) Did you ever get grounded on Halloween? If so, how did your parents handled it, and have you done the same to your kids?

2) Have you ever had to punish your kids on Halloween? If so, what did you do or how did you handle it?

3) What´s the worse tantrum that your kid has dropped on you on this spooky holiday?

4) And last but not least, Have you gone trick-or-treating without your grounded kid?

Please let me know in a comment below, I would love to hear all your comments and stories. And for all of you friends that are enjoying this day/night with your friends and family. Please be safe, be careful, and have lots of fun! Oh and psss kids! Be good if you want your candy! Lol

Both the Happy Baby (though grounded) and I, wish you a Happy Halloween!

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