Thrifty Thursday find for October 30th 2014


Hello, My name is Missha and I am a Swaddling Blanket addict.

I truly had to say it! I don´t know what it is about baby blankets that just makes me want to have them all! Maybe the softness in the fabric, maybe their adorable designs, maybe the multi-use that a mommy and daddy can find for them. I truly don´t know, but I do know this; I was bouncing off walls when I found this Thrifty Thursday find!

I love, love, love the texture of this blanket. I have the feeling that before baby comes, it may preview appearances in my bedroom for a couple of times. Okay, maybe a ton of times. I can´t help myself.

This time, I found a Swaddle Design´s Marquisette Swaddle Blanket in Brown Mod Circle. It seems like it is the Pink version, but honestly it looks more like a cream color to me. This is perfect because pink is not our favorite color, and by "our" I mean both Hubby´s and mine. (Though I make exceptions to the rule, lol) Its approximate value is about $15.00 US dollars, though they have the occasional sale where you can purchase these swaddles for less. I found this one for $1.95 second hand.

I already have a 4-pack of swaddling blankets from Swaddle Designs, which I love, but adding to my collection seems to be a very soft and cozy hobby of mine. I truly hope the happy baby gets to enjoy them as much as I do!

One of my favorite things about Swaddle Designs is their 1-2-3 swaddle label. It doesn´t get any clearer and simpler than that.

Question time!

1) How many Swaddling blankets did you get before your baby came, and how many did you end up with after baby?

2) Do you keep on using your Swaddling blankets even if your child is not a baby anymore?

3) Have you ever tried Swaddle Design´s brand before? If so, what did you think about them?

4) Have you tried other brands of muslin cotton swaddles? If so, which ones? I´d love to know.

(You can participate by answering any or all of the above questions. You can also just comment with anything you´d like to share in relation to this post. I really love to read everyone´s comments.)

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