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Today´s review, is about a product that left me quite amazed on how practical it can be. I thought of all of the situations that it would just come in handy, and thought of lots of people that could also be interested. Mainly people that are always on the rush and on-the-go.
I was sent a few samples of a product called Fresh-Tips ®, and I became really curious about it before trying it wondering if it worked or not.

What it is:
According to the information they sent, and for what I could see; Fresh-Tips ® are disposable toothbrushes that contain a rubber bristle and a xylitol (all natural, sugar-free) mint that cleans your entire mouth, including your teeth, tongue and gums. Due to the rubber bristle, this product is gentle on your enamel and you can also enjoy a gum massage with it.

One of the iconic representations of Fresh-Tips ® is that you are meant to use them as you would a lollipop. You would take it out from it´s packet, and place it in your mouth just like if it was in fact a lollipop (without the biting and eating it of course), you twirl it, suck on it, and enjoy it as it cleans your mouth.

There are two versions of the Fresh-Tips ®, one is the peppermint (blue), which debuted as the first ever Fresh-Tips ®, and has an inter-dental toothpick for the hard-to-reach places at the other end of the rubber bristle. The second version was created with kids in mind. This Fresh-Tips ® does not contain the toothpick end, just to be safe with the little one´s mouth and while handling it, and the flavor created for this one is bubblegum (pink). According to their information, it is a fun way for kids to learn how to brush their teeth and it helps prevent cavities, which makes it a win for moms too. According to the information they sent me, the #1 chronic childhood disease is dental cavities, so one mouth at a time Fresh-Tips ® is helping to fight this battle.
This product is ergonomic and according to the information sent it fits perfectly in the mouth.

Fresh-Tips ® are very easy to carry, since they were created in a comfortable size. Men can hold it in their pockets, while women, can place them away in their purses.

Xylitol, sorbitol, peppermint flavor, magnesium stearate, acesulfame potassium, and sucralose.

According to the information sent to me; Xylitol is a naturally occurring sweetener that can be extracted from fruits and vegetables. It looks like sugar, tastes like sugar, and it has been substituting sugar since the sixties. It gained popularity due to its ability to fight cavities. It´s great for diabetics and is a naturally occurring sweetener and is the #1 ingredient in Fresh-Tips ®.

History on the product:
Fresh-Tips ® is a privately owned brand started by dental professionals. Their goal is to promote fresh breath and oral health worldwide. Fresh-Tips ® debuts as a complete mouth freshener that is both a disposable brush that functions as a healthy lollipop. According to their information, this product is set to revolutionize the oral care industry.

Dr. Deborah Luis, the founder, comes from a family of dental professionals. She is a dentist and mom passionate about oral health. In addition to her product Fresh-Tips, she treats patients in South Florida. She, along with her husband, Rene Luis, launched Fresh-Tips ® as a fun and effective way to cure bad breath on-the-go. If you want to learn more about Fresh-Tips ® or you want to order some, please don´t hesitate to visit their website:

Directions for use:
According to Dr. Debbie, “There´s no wrong way to use Fresh-Tips ®!” You place it in your mouth, just like you would a lollipop, swirl and use the bristles on teeth and gums. There is no need for water, and all ends up to enjoying the gentle massage to your mouth and the mint.

My take on the product:
To test how effective this product is, I decided to skip brushing my teeth the night before, and wake up to not only an urge to brush my teeth, but also to a stinky breath. GROSS! I decided to go with the bubblegum first. I was very pleased with the sensation inside my mouth. I wasn´t really using it like a lollipop, but more like a tiny brush. After all, I really wanted to get my teeth clean. I loved the feeling of smooth and clean teeth that the rubber bristles left me with. Honestly, I could feel it for hours after I used it first. The mint truly improved my breath, and I have to tell you that in my experience with bad breath, not all mints can do the trick, or at least not for long. I kept on playing with it cleaning my gums, and tongue with it until the mint was almost gone and decided to stop. I was happy with the results. I decided to have something messy for breakfast to see the lasting effect. After having a very garlicy omelet, and a small chocolate for desert, my teeth still felt smooth, and my breath was still good to go.

The size of the product makes it very comfortable to carry with you. You can have several in your purse for the whole week since they don´t take that much space anyways. The pack is very well sealed, so the freshness of the product stays intact for longer.
I tried the peppermint later, and decided that I liked that flavor more, though honestly I couldn´t tell much of a difference in flavor. Who knows, maybe its just me.

I am very picky about my mouth. Even if I sometimes forget to brush my teeth when I am home, If I am at work and I have to eat at work and go back to work I never leave without my toothbrush. Fresh-Tips ® are just the right size for me, and I really liked how small they are. This makes it practical and it left me with a very lovely smooth and clean feel on my teeth and mouth in general. I have to be honest. I have always had a breath issue, therefore, I always had to be carrying mints with me. This was always a concern to me, since the effect of some mints don´t last long, and the ingredients weren´t always the best either. I was really happy on how long the effect of the mint in Fresh-Tips ® lasted. This was a plus for me!

Approximate size of the Fresh-Tips ®

 Toothpick end (Only on the peppermint flavor)

Rounded tip (Only on the bubblegum flavor)

Suggestions for improvement: 
I was a little concerned that on the first Fresh-Tips ® brush that I used, one of the rubber bristles broke. Considering that it was the bubblegum one, and was created with kids in mind, I wouldn´t really feel comfortable if I knew that my kids were going to be swallowing rubber every now and then. I know kids tend to put weirder and more dangerous things in their mouths, and that these things tend to come out at some point, but I am the paranoid type of person, and I don´t know if I would be okay with this type of thing. Not long ago I read an article on another brand and product being removed from the market just because a Dentist was finding a lot of rubber particles/spheres that were contained in this other product as residual matter in her patients after performing routine dental care. So if there was a way to have a better quality control over these bristles, or if they could be made of some organic material that was safe to consume in case it breaks off like it did with me, or even if for some reason the rubber comes off, because hey, accidents happen, I would feel more at ease if it was safe to swallow. The packet clearly states a warning about not swallowing the rubber, so again, maybe developing a material that is organic and safer for that matter would be perfect, just in case.

Another area of improvement that I thought could be very outstanding and more towards our liking, would be in relation to at least one of the ingredients used for the mint in this product. My husband and I have been concerned about many ingredients used for consuming products such as: Corn Syrup, Aspartame, among others. Unfortunately one of those ingredients is sucralose which the Fresh-Tips ® mint contains. Honestly I don´t know how comfortable I am about cutting off all these ingredients from our food, and then just being okay with it in our dental care products. However, if for whatever reason, there was a version of this product that instead of having sucralose as an ingredient had an organic alternative or Stevia instead, I would just love this product all the way.

This product works! It does clean your mouth and leaves you with a fresh and clean breath. The results last a while, so going back to work after a spicy meal is no longer a threat to your clients or social encounters. Unfortunately right now with our lifestyle, we are really being strict with the ingredients in our food intake, and this would include dental care too. (We use Neem toothpaste, just as a reference). Since sucralose is not an ingredient we agree with, I don´t know if I would be interested in any further use of this product. However, if the ingredients on the product changed, believe me, I would have them all over the place. My purse, my husband´s lunch box, around the house, in my coats, etc. I would still suggest this product to people that really don´t mind having this ingredient in their daily intake. I know there are a lot of people out there that would benefit from this product and that really don´t mind sucralose as part of their diet.
Right now we don´t have kids, but I don´t think I would be comfortable letting my kids use these as an alternative to learning how to brush their teeth. I do feel that though rarely, kids could end up swallowing the rubber. Some kids are bitters and tend to bite everything they put in their mouths, therefore they could end up breaking the connection between the rubber and the stick. I know that I have done it as a kid, so with that said, unless they came up with an organic alternative that is okay to swallow just in case, I would suggest this product for the use of adults only.

All in all, I was amazed with the results. It works, and the effects last longer than what I would have expected. Though it didn´t satisfy 100% my needs, I am sure that it may work wonders for other readers out there interested in Fresh-Tips ®.

I want to thank Mr. Sherman and Dr. Debbie for allowing me to test Fresh-Tips ®, and be able to provide an honest review for my readers to find out more about this product that I am sure many of them will enjoy. If you want to learn more about Fresh-Tips ® or you want to order some, please don´t hesitate to visit their website:

Have a lovely day, and I hope this was a good informative review to help you guys learn more about this innovative product.

Disclaimer: I received this product for free with the purpose of writing an honest review. All opinions about this product are 100% my own. Please remember that what works for me and my family, may not work for you. However, I do encourage you to check out other reviews and compare the different experiences so that you can make a better and well informed decision about this product.  

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