Thrifty Thursday find of November 6th, 2014


 Guess what I have found for today´s "thrifty find"? I am very excited, considering that this is a "must have" for all momma´s out there. I was strolling along the aisles of my favorite thrift shop, and I saw a plastic bag with some nick knacks that caught my attention.

The bag was about $5. I don´t remember what caught my attention first, but I do have to say that I felt very lucky when I open the bag to see all the content and found myself with a Pattem® changing pad. (Estimated RV $68) Oh my! This was perfect. That´s what I love about the thrifty finds, you really never know what kind of treasures you will find.

I already have a diaper bag, but if you have been following me on this blog, you know by now that I am the type of person that wants two of everything, just in case. So I also found some time ago a nice diaper bag in a thrift shop, but unfortunately that one didn´t come with a changing pad. So finding the Pattem® changing pad was so ideal since I can place it inside that other diaper bag, and have one in each one.

Why do I feel so lucky to have found this changing pad? Look at the size of that! It is about 28 inches that fold into a 9-inch square that will fit perfectly in my diaper bag and at the same time will give me enough surface space to have my baby comfortable on it while changing the diaper. However, the thickness when folded, will vary depending on the things that you place in the interior pockets. I would probably only place 1 or two pockets, some cloth wipes, and whatever bum care products that I would be using for that quick change.

I love the practicality of the way it folds into a small enough size to fit in my diaper bag, considering how big it is when unfolded.

This is a product that, if I hadn´t found, I would definitely add to my baby registry. I must say that the creators of this product were really thinking of great features for this amazingly practical product. All thumbs and toes up. I love this product, and I wouldn´t mind having an extra one of these to my baby essentials.

Do you own a Pattem®? If you do, what pattern do you have? And, why do you love your Pattem®? If you don´t own one and would like to learn more, go to their website at:

What have you found lately in your thrifty hunts?

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