Thrifty Thursday! Find for October 2nd


I found these two very adorable baby outfits in my last Thrifty hunt.  

This lovely Juicy Couture string terry jumper in a delightful ruffle style in white. It is very cute and adorable and I am very excited for this find. We live in the coast in San Diego, and this would be the perfect outfit for a day at the beach. What do you think?
I think it originally retailed between $60 - $78, but I only paid $6.00 for it. Yay for that!

The second one is an Ed Hardy hooded jumper. This tone of blue-green is one of my favorite tones of blue or is it green? I was very excited about this find, since I think it can be a very neutral baby outfit for both boys and girls. I love the theme of this outfit.

I think it used to retail somewhere around $30, though I am not sure, but since I only paid $2.00 in this thrifty find, I am very happy with that.

And those are my finds for this Thursday. Have any of you guys gone thrift hunting lately? If so, what fun and cool things have you found? I would love to read about your new treasures.

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