Review on the NEW Baby K'tan Active baby carrier


To celebrate International Babywearing Week (October 5th - 11th) I decided to review the NEW Baby K'tan Active baby carrier.

The approximate value is of $59.95, but may vary depending on where you purchase and other costs such as taxes and/or shipping.

It comes in two adorable colors: Coral and Ocean Blue.
I love the ocean, and one of the themes for our future baby if a girl is "Mermaids". So both color names being related to the ocean, made the decision really hard. You see, both my husband and I are not big fans of pink, but I did like the Coral color. However, since I wanted this carrier mostly for my husband to be able to also babywear, I decided to go for the Ocean Blue.

XS - Woman dress: 0-4 / Men Suit: NA
S - Woman dress: 6-8 / Men Suit: up to 38
M - Woman dress: 10-12 /Men Suit: 39-42
L - Woman dress: 14-16 / Men Suit: 43-46
XL - Woman dress: 18-22 / Men Suit: 47-50
(Notice that some sizes may not be available at the time of purchase and may depend upon demand.)

Features (according to the Baby K'tan website):
Blocks over 90% of UVA and UVB rays
Provides a one-of-a-kind temperature control and cooling effect
Wicks away moisture and sweat
It is easy to use. (It comes with a guide manual, and there are lots of videos online)
It has a built in back support band. The second loop provides additional support and security
Holds infants or toddlers in different positions, and up to 8-35 lbs
It is made of a unique hi-tech performance fabric (100% polyester)
It also comes with a free matching sash, which converts to a handy storage tote.

Physical appearance:
The box itself is very informative. It shows you the carrier in the front picture, and it has a sticker with the size of the carrier in the box, and in the color you chose. It also shows graphics about how easy it is to use the carrier, and a size chart to choose the right size. It has a description of some of the features in this carrier, and the warnings are both in English and in Spanish. The back of the box explains the features more in detail in both English and Spanish as well. The fabric was soft and very light to the touch. When you open the box, the carrier comes inside a sash bag that transforms into part of the carrier. It comes with an owner's manual that has a lot of important information about the care, the uses, warnings, positioning, and other pertinent information. It also comes with a form to fill out and submit via standard mail (paid postage) to register your product. This is important and helpful in case there was a recall, so I would suggest you send that.

What I like:
I liked the color a lot, and I love how easy it is to use. I only saw one of the videos once and without looking at it again I was able to position the carrier correctly and practice with one of my volunteer dolls. I would suggest doing this a few times also with a doll first until you get the hang of it before using it with your baby, but at the end it is up to you. I also liked the size chart reference. This made it so much easier to make the right choice for both my husband and me. Even if I tested it with a doll, it was so comfortable that if it wasn't for the bulk in front of me, I could hardly feel I was wrapped with the carrier. I don't know if different weight would do the difference with the child, but I felt very comfortable while using it for a while. I enjoyed the information being clear.

What I didn't like: 
I found it a bit concerning that though the exterior box itself has information both in English and in Spanish, the Owner's manual was only in English. I don't know if you have to tell them to send you the manual in another language or not, but I was surprised, considering that in most products it comes in at least 4 - 5 languages, after all, having information in Spanish outside, could be misleading with a Spanish-only speaker who thinks the manual inside is also in Spanish. I tried the carrier inside, and since I live in Southern California, in Escondido to be more exact, I was sweating a lot. I think that I would have to test the wicking feature more, since I don't know if it refers to the baby, mommy, or both. I am sure it is breathable, since the mesh fabric allows you to see that feature clearly. It's just like sport clothes that have the same feature. However, I cannot tell for sure about the temperature control, and I would just have to trust that it is true. In this regards, I would had really loved it if they had a version just like this, but made out of cotton.

Suggestions that I think would make this product even better:
I would love it if they had a cotton version of this product. I know Baby K'tan has their Organic cotton and Cotton baby carriers, but I really liked the mesh feature, as it promotes breath-ability. I am not a very big fan of polyester baby products, so this version in cotton, would had made it perfect for our needs. Adding an extra Owner's manual in more languages would make it great. I may understand English very well, but I know that our future little one will have grandparents and other family members that only speak Spanish, and I am sure that there are other Mommys and Daddys out there in the same situation that I am, where their family members don't speak English very well, or at all.

I loved the looks of both the box, presentation, and carrier itself. I love the color and that it is so light. I feel very happy that it can be carried inside a diaper bag without it taking all the space of the diaper bag. This makes it ideal, since you can keep it there in case you feel like babywearing even if you had the baby in the stroller originally. I really enjoyed how easy it is to remember how to use it to position your little ones easier. I have seen videos in other types of carriers and I have to confess that I worry sometimes wondering how long it may take someone to learn all the folds and so on. This carrier makes it as easy as the ones where you just insert your baby, but without all the weight of the clips, and straps and more. One of my favorite things is the prize. Many wraps and carriers out there are over the $100s, and while they may be worth it, lets face it, babies are expensive. Having a great quality carrier that is affordable is a great thing. It also encourages people to give them as baby-shower gifts without hurting the wallet that much. I do have to say that customer service was great and I was very well informed as they answered my questions regarding the carrier as I was trying to decide on size and color.

So The Happy Baby Blog, gives this product:

Video of the unboxing of this product:

I hope you lovely Mommys and Daddys enjoyed this review, and that it helps you learn a bit more about this product. Remember to have an amazing week, and don't forget to babywear you little ones in celebration of the International babywearing week.

Disclaimer: I was the winner of a giveaway in which Baby K'tan was the sponsor, and therefore chose the New Baby K'tan Active baby carrier as my prize. However I did not receive the product or any other type of compensation in exchange for this review. This review represents 100% my own honest opinion and experience using this product for the first time. Remember that I usually test products using dolls/dummies and that a product that might work for me or my family needs may not work for you. I encourage you to read more reviews in order to make a better informed decision. 

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