A bit of France at home - La Petite Creme {CLOSED}

Disclaimer: I received a free product in exchange for writing this blog post. All opinions are 100% my own.

I have to say that there is something very romantic about natural products in small bottles, especially if they come from France. However, it is always more fun when those bottles come in different sizes, and they serve more than one purpose to more than one member of the family.

Dear friends, let me introduce you to "La Petite Creme"

A bit of Background

La Petite Creme was created out of a French recipe that has been used for decades throughout Europe, and is a great alternative to baby wipes. According to La Petite Creme's creator, baby wipes are not that popular in France. Therefore, the use of this "Liniment Oléo-Calcaire" is considered the "norm" among parents. Being a French mommy in the United States, and having the need to share this natural and convenient alternative to the common baby wipes with parents, opened her to the idea of bringing this product to the US market. Voilà! La Petite Creme was born.

One of my favorite features about La Petite Creme is that it is all Natural. La Petite Creme is made of 45% Virgin Olive Oil, and contains only 6 natural ingredients in total. You can use it with both cloth and disposable diapers.


You simply apply La Petite Creme to a plain cotton pad or a reusable washcloth, and use it as you would a regular wipe. After application, La Petite Creme leaves a thin layer of oil in the little one's bum, which acts as a natural protective shield against urine and feces. Therefore, while you are cleaning and disinfecting the little one's bum, you are also giving them a natural protection.
La Petite Creme also prevents moisture and acidity build-up when used with every diaper change, leaving the little one's skin fresh, protected, and nourished.

You can find a short video of how La Petite Creme is used:

Interested yet? You can check out La Petite Creme's website, and social media to learn more about this great product.
Website: www.lapetitecreme.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lapetitecremebaby


Other uses

I consider myself a very practical person, and according to my husband, this is one of the perks that he loves about me. With this in mind, there is nothing I love more than products that have more than one use. Why? Most of these products do not go to waste. This is the case with La Petite Creme. Let's say that your baby outgrew diapers, and you no longer need to use La Petite Creme for diapering. Well guess what? La Petite Creme has other uses as well. With the gentle natural ingredients used to create this lotion, it can be used as a moisturizer for any type of skin and by the whole family. I was told that it includes, but not limited to, the use on pregnant bellies. Oh and I am not done yet! It also works as a soft make-up remover. Having issues with waterproof mascara? No problem, with La Petite Creme's oily texture, this is solved. Like if I hadn't been convinced with all the natural baby protection part, it also solves a problem that I've had for ages. I don't wear a lot of makeup, but since I have long eyelashes, I do use waterproof mascara, which has always been a pain to remove. So I have one thing to tell La Petite Creme: "Take My Money!!!"

My experience with this product so far:
When I received the packet, I noticed that there was a lot of care and love placed into the presentation of the product. It was nicely wrapped with color-themed paper, and it was gently organized. The attention to detail was wonderful. The paper was enclosed with a small sticker that says: "Original French Recipe". I fell in love with the product's presentation.There was also a very thoughtful gift with the packet, since I was celebrating my birthday (La Petite Creme, merci beaucoup, thank you very much). It wasn't really necessary, but it gave me the feel that they like giving a little bit more regarding customer service. I thought that was great, and that valued customers would really appreciate that sort of personal touch.
Since we do not have babies yet, we received a travel size bottle (2 oz), which you can also find at La Petite Creme's website, just to have a feel of the product. The packet also included a cotton washcloth, which is great, because I do intend to use cloth wipes once we have a little one and start diapering. You can also order these white cotton washcloths from their store; they come in a pack of 10.
I really liked the consistency of the lotion. But I do have to warn you, a little bit goes a long way. With a very dry weather here in Southern California, I found it perfect to test La Petite Creme as a moisturizer. It left my skin soft and smooth in comparison with the hand I was not using it in. It also left a gentle glow to my skin that I enjoyed, without making it look like if I was sweating. It has a subtle smell, which fades away after a while. The travel size bottle is the perfect size to carry around in my purse. I really liked the feel, and though it is a bit oily and you end up leaving slightly oily fingerprints everywhere, that can be solved by washing your hands, which is something everyone does very often throughout the day. I really did not mind the level of oiliness in my arms or face at all, and after a while, it gets absorbed, so no harm done.

I totally vouch for products and companies like this. Not only do they have a natural product that I am interested in, without a doubt, but I also know that they value customers. I really like the fact that after I am done with the diaper years, this product won't go to waste at all, and that makes me very, very, VERY happy. The lotion's recipe is 100% natural, which gives me a peace of mind, because what is the point of cloth diapering to avoid chemicals and all that, when you are not doing the same with wipes and lotions, right? It has multiple uses, which I already mentioned that I simply love. It was made by parents and for the whole family's use, super YAY for that. And if that wasn't enough, they were also kind enough to sponsor a giveaway for all of The Happy Baby Blog's readers to participate in. Excited? I know I am!

Giveaway Time!

Congratulations to Kris D. winner of this giveaway

winner will receive a Starter Kit RV $20.00

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Good luck!

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Have a lovely day, and remember to smile, because it is contagious!

Disclaimer: I received the product(s) shown in this post for free for the purpose of writing about them, and sharing the information through my blog, and social media venues. However, all opinions about the product are 100% my own.

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  1. I've been wanting to try cloth wipes since we're cloth diapering. Looks like a great product to use. Thanks for the chance to win!