Journey towards Parenthood – week 6 (12/15 - 12/21)


Just when you thought the craziness was over. Here comes week six, ahhhh! 

I had sorted out things I had bought for the baby last week on week five, and had already bought some baby gifts too for the new babies in the family. Just one little detail, I totally forgot to buy the gifts for the older relatives, whoa? Yup. Since most of my husband´s family lives at least 5 hours away, we don´t see each other enough for my liking. When I was back in Mexico, I was blessed enough to have both my grandparent´s homes at least 10 minutes away by car, and about 20 - 30 minutes on walking distance. I would spend a lot of time at my maternal grandparent´s house, and would see my cousins often. I also had relatives that were far, but I would see them at least three times a year, with the exception of those relatives that lived in the US, I would only see them every now and then. However, my closest relatives were always close and it was easy to interrogate them, I mean, start a conversation and know what they liked, disliked, and be able to find out what a perfect gift would be. I know that when you are younger, they always tell you: "What matters is that it comes from the heart!" And that is how you learn that you need to really find out what they like, lol.

With my husband´s family it becomes tricky, because my husband´s interaction with his family is related to food. They love baking, and cooking, and sharing recipes. So it really never came to the type of conversation where you ask: "What is your favorite color? What do you really feel passionate about, aside of food?" And that sort of thing. Trying to really get to know people even in your own family can be tricky. I recently asked my father about my grandma´s favorite color, and he really did not know. I would think that this is basic information that you should know about your immediate family. At least that gives you an idea of what colors to hunt for in a special gift, at least you get that right, right? If it is a female relative and you are going to buy jewelry, it is easier to look for the right color when you know favorites. So that is my first question when I am getting to know relatives more. My dad thought that it was confusing when I started asking about favorite colors from his relatives. However I also think that it is good to know, because certain traits and gestures pass on through your genetics too, and something as simple as a "favorite color" could be genetic too. I mean, I did not know my dad´s favorite color, and honestly I did not think about it ever, because my dad and I do not have the best relationship, unfortunately, and only talk a couple of times a year. But since we were on the subject I asked him about his favorite color, and I had no idea it was red. He started telling me that it made sense to him, because it is the color that influences our zodiac sign and so on, which also made me realize that he is a very proud Scorpio, and guess what? One of my favorite colors is red too, and I am also a Scorpio. However, my mom is a Scorpio too, and her favorite color is green, so it is not necessarily the sign´s favorite color. In my case the fact that red is one of my favorite colors could be genetic, though my overall favorite color is blue, so who knows. I just thought it would also be cool to tell our little ones that maybe they have a common preference with a relative that they never met. I know my maternal grandfather´s favorite color was blue, and that is one of my favorite colors too, so I like to know that I had that in common with my grandpa.

Moving on with the colors, I was fortunate that I had already asked this to my husband´s relatives last time we saw them, so I was more or less prepared. I did not want to get something related to food, because that is my husband´s and his relative´s thing. I wanted to get more personal. I was very fortunate to find a nice embroidered scarf and shawl for our grandmothers on my husband´s side, and some lovely Christmas cards for the rest of the family. Sometimes you might not be able to give each one of them an individual gift, but at least you can find something in the detail that you know they will enjoy.

Of course, going shopping for gifts does not bring me back empty handed from the baby world. I found a very good deal on a Moby wrap, and a Maya sling. I think that was a very special Christmasy miracle, lol. Well, honestly when I find something like that in a very, very, very low price, I always think it was sent to me by my grandparents who are watching over me from wherever they are.

This week was also pretty good on giveaway gifts. I was very happy to get in touch with the winner of our blog´s giveaway, and shipping that prize was very special considering the holidays and all. I also won some things myself. I won an ez-pz happy mat, which is a new product that is fun and very practical, and I was given permission by the owner of the company to review it for the blog, so wait for that one beginning next year. I also won a Disney´s Frozen animators edition doll set. This was a very exciting gift because last year when my husband asked me what I wanted for that Christmas, I said I wanted these dolls, but when we went to the Disney store, Elsa was gone. I got Ana, and my husband wanted to get me another doll, so we got Merida, which I love too, but I was really sad that I did not come home with Elsa. By the way, for those of you who do not know, I collect dolls, and I am crazy about Disney. It was understandable, since Frozen was the new movie and it was such a hit, that at least I was happy someone was enjoying their doll at home. When I realized that this year they were releasing Elsa again, I got very excited and was going to ask for that for Christmas to be able to complete the set, but I was fortunate enough to find this giveaway and even luckier to win. So I felt this was a gift from my grandma Guille, because she always gave me that kind of gift during the holidays. It was a very special week in this regards. I gave, and I received. I won some cool baby things, and something that would be there for the little ones as they grow older, plus I made a family happy with our giveaway prize too.

In regards to the prenatal vitamins update. I have been taking the pills every day since I got them, and my pee is very yellowy and smelly, ew! Both my husband and a friend told me that it was because of the "B" vitamins. Well, at least I am glad that I have two people that know more about vitamins and stuff than I do, so I don´t have to be freaking out. The cool thing is that they recommend for you to start taking the prenatal vitamins at least one month before you are trying to conceive. I just started two months before, and we will take it from there. About anything else, I can say that I am really excited, because the time is getting closer. Yay!

Get into a discussion with me. Question time!

  1. What is your favorite color, and do you know the favorite colors of your parents, your spouse, and kids?
  2. Would you rather have something nice in any color, or something nice in your favorite color?
  3. Does anyone in your family have the same preference of color as you do?
  4. What was something special that you remember your grandparents gave you during Christmas or the holidays?
  5. Do you like to get personal with the holiday gifts that go to your family, or do you just buy gift cards, chocolates, and candy instead? (Hey, there is nothing wrong with playing it safe too!)
  6. Have you won anything baby-related lately? I would love to know, how exciting!
  7. How was your holiday shopping? Do you buy way ahead, or run around doing last minute shopping? (If you do the last one, let me tell you I admire you. It honestly gets too crazy for me.)

You can answer one or all of the questions above if you´d like. Since my family is far away, I appreciate all the input and insights that my readers and this community has to offer.

Until next time.

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