Journey towards Parenthood – week 1 (11/10 - 11/16)

“Choosing the right prenatal vitamins for us!”

This week has been like a shifting tornado. My husband and I have been fighting hard for a GMO-free lifestyle for over a year and let me tell you that though you can find a lot of organic products for cheap if you know how to look for them, it is really hard to go 100% organic. That is, if you want to keep on a budget.
Considering the origin of the meat we eat, has made it very challenging to go GMO-free (Thank you Monsanto! Says she very sarcastically and a bit disappointed.) I truly hope that during pregnancy I don´t get to affect my baby with any of those not-well-tested products. But truly, who am I kidding? They are everywhere. People already look at us weird when we reject drinking fountain sodas. And that is why it is also hard to go and eat outside. 

Today we had agreed that we would have home-made pizza, and it is always very exciting considering that my husband loves cooking and he is great at it. I consider myself very fortunate for having a husband that loves cooking the way he does. Anyways, when we were getting the mozzarella at the store, a note that said that it was lactose-free called my attention, and when looking at the ingredients there it was; corn starch. What?! Why would mozzarella cheese include corn starch? Well, one thing for sure. If any product we get has anything “corn” and it does not say certified organic, it goes back to the shelf, and if by any bad luck my husband has bought it, it goes straight to the trash. It does hurt me since I hate being wasteful, but I wouldn´t even attempt to give it to someone to enjoy. I would feel like a hypocrite. I was just watching a documentary about GMOs and it makes me so sad that a corporation has really taken over the livelihood of so many people by not allowing them to be able to choose with all this labeling issue. So I say: “Fine, don´t label. I´ll just eat what I know is labeled and safe even if I have to eat less!” Thought I am not okay with not knowing, I guess that there is always a loop to try to stay safe, and lucky for us, we also grow some of our food. Not much since we live in a condo, but enough to eat some healthier stuff, and to practice for when one day we get to have our own little farm. 

All of this brings me to the first issue that I wanted to share in this journal; prenatal vitamins. I think that eating less, just to be able to afford organic and healthy food will be fine if I am able to compensate with the right type of prenatal vitamins. Oh but there are so many out there! Well, lucky for me that there are search engines, and reviews out there that will help me support the type of prenatal vitamins I want. I know for sure that I want Certified Organic prenatal vitamins, and I know that the right amount of folic acid is a must. I have been reading about a few brands, and have been happy about some of the ingredients they contain. However, I still have some concerns. I have shared before that we are planning to get pregnant in February, and hopefully if everything goes well, that means that I have to start soon with the prenatal vitamins. I was going to buy some today, but decided to take two more weeks to keep on researching the best option, and to talk with my gynecologist to see what is to come.

Though I have been waiting to have a baby for a few years now, I am very excited that the time for us to prepare has come. I am not going to lie, I am nervous and a little afraid since I am already 34. I know a lot of people will argue with the fact that we have waited for a long time now. I am not sure, but I think I have read that a woman giving birth for the first time at age 35 is already considered as a high-risk pregnancy. This is why it scares me and that is nothing to be proud of, but all I have to say is that it is what it is, and life wasn´t ready for us to be parents yet I guess. I´ve always believed that everything that is meant to be, somehow happens in the right time one way or another. My husband encourages me by reminding me that my side of the family had a lot of kids, then again they were all younger than me. I know it is possible to be okay as long as I keep on having a healthy life and working it out. Being a happy individual to me is the key to it all, and now that we are on this journey, there is nothing but to keep a head up high, smile and embrace the challenges that life brings you with a warm heart and an open mind. I am a movie fanatic, so I had to close this journal with an iconic quote that I see fitting; and so, as Sean Connery says in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: “Let the games begin!”

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