Thrifty Thursday Find for September 18th 2014


Hello friends from "The Happy Baby Blog". It´s been a busy week really, but I just had to come and share the Thrifty Thursday find for today. Oh my, have I been lucky with this find. I just found out not long ago that I developed a certain addiction to baby blankets. Most of them are soft, cozy, and very enjoyable.

The best thing is that not only would they be as enjoyable for the baby, but also for both mommy and daddy, since we also like to enjoy those few hours of sleep, right? So, in my hunt I have been searching for these types of characteristic blankets: Soft and/or elegant. Soft, because it is good for the gentle baby skin, and plus if you are planning to change your little angel at floor level (just to avoid them rolling and falling, or you accidentally dropping them, I know, over paranoid with this). Elegant, just because I love taking photos all the time, and since most of our relatives are far away, I am sure they would like to see tons of pictures of the baby, and these would help as background. What better than to be able to take some very lovely and elegant photos to brag about the little ones no? The best part is when you know that even if you are in a tight budget you can find all three, and not spend over $10 on them if you know where to buy or find them. In this case, I found this lovely, and very soft, plus elegant Petunia Pickle Bottom receiving blanket. I have to say that I am always browsing around their website looking for sales, and special offers. I love their prints, and the variety of lovely things they have both for baby and mommy.

I got lucky and I found this blanket at $4 dollars. I looked like a kid that just had opened their Christmas present. I really love the luxurious feel of these blankets, and with their very stylish signature trim, it just became an instant favorite of ours.

So my question to you is: Have you heard of Petunia Pickle Bottom before? If so, what is your favorite item? Have you ever found a good Petunia Pickle Bottom piece bargain? Please share, I would love to hear your experience.

Remember to have an amazing day!

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  1. Love this blanket! The print on the trim is super cute! My daughter is obsessed with feathers, so she would love this. I don't have any PPB. But I keep entering contest to try to win it. Haha!

    1. Entering to contests and winning is a great way to get some of the lovely baby "wants" that we can´t afford. The other is placing them in baby gift registries, crossing your finger and hoping that somehow it will come to you. That happened to us during our wedding registry. Funny thing we got the most expensive item, the one we thought no-one would give us, and we still don´t know who gave it to us. I always pretend it was a gift from my grandparents from wherever they are. They used to give their grand kids those type of pricey gifts when they were alive. But yeah, you never know, lol.