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Hello everyone and welcome to "The Happy Baby Blog", where I will be sharing information about baby-related products, reviews, giveaways, thrifty ideas, and everything that I think could be useful for parents and parents to be. I am also hoping to be able to share information that will be of interest for those of you that though not expecting nor having children of your own yet, are close to someone who is and would like to share.

My name is Missha, and I am preparing to be a mom. Even though husband and I have planned to get pregnant until next year, I´ve taken my time to research baby products, articles, and other pertinent information so that we can be ready once we expect the little one. We have been purchasing baby products already, so that the expense is not that big when t he time comes. In the mean time I do have two little ones that will help me test my baby products for reviews. At the moment I will be presenting to you guys one of them and his name is: "The Happy Baby" version 0.1, who will be the image of this blog, and my assistant on reviewing some of the baby products I´ll be sharing.

Like all baby-related products, it is safer to test them first with a non-real baby just so that we can make sure that the product is safe for that little love in your life. Yes, I am a sort-of paranoid person and though I am hoping not to be an overprotective parent, I feel that it is still important to know what you are exposing your minis to.

I do hope you stay along, subscribe and follow me, and share with me this adventure along "The Happy Baby".

Remember to smile today

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