Friday Freebie: My tips on how to win giveaways


Hi everyone, I hope you are doing great and that you are ready to start the weekend and disconnect from the routine and do something fun.
Today is Friday and it means you guys get a freebie from me. Today´s freebie is a tip for winning great baby gear.
Some people enter to giveaways and think: "I never win anything, why bother". Well, if you have negative thoughts about something, it is just not going to happen. I have been entering giveaways for at least two years, and I have been winning great things. Here are my tips on how to win free stuff on giveaways.

1. Search for giveaways: Make a good research on giveaways of things that you actually would like to win. You can do searches like: "Cloth diaper giveaway", or " XYZ product giveaway"

2. Try to find "daily entry" giveaways: This is the biggy. If you are able to enter daily, and you are consistent, you have more opportunities to win.

3. Be consistent and be persistent: As easy as "if you don´t enter, you don´t win." You have to plan how much time you are willing to spend on giveaways, and do it daily. If you enter one day yes, two days no, one day yes, 5 no, then it is harder. You might still win, but your odds are less.

4. Time: Entering to giveaways can be stressing if you don´t organize yourself. Give yourself a time to do it. Let´s say, I only spend maximum 2 hours on giveaways while watching a movie or show. No more, that´s my time limit.

5. Don´t get disappointed when you don´t win something. The truth is, I wasn´t expecting my first prizes at all, they just arrived home one day. Some people contact you via email, some don´t and they just send the stuff, just watch out for your junk mail, just in case. And yes, be prepared to receive junk mail. My advice is: Open a new email account that you only use for contests, that way your personal email does not get flooded by spam. Do however make sure you check your giveaway or contest email often, because some people only give you 48 hours to respond with your shipping address.

6. Read: Always read the terms and conditions, or rules of the contest. Check if it is open to residents of your country, or if there is an age restriction. It is important to read the restrictions just so you don´t end up being disqualified or wasting your time on something when you are not allowed to participate.

7. Most important: Have fun. The moment you stop having fun, stop doing it, it´s not worth. You need to like what you are doing as it influences the "law of attraction". I wake up everyday thinking and saying: "Today I will get something cool in the mail!" It is always exciting.

So those are my tips for you guys to start winning stuff too. And just to complete this freebie, I will share a link right here to a giveaway I found today to which I entered. Last week I was notified that I was a winner from this same contest for May 29th. So you see, even if some contests are not "daily" as long as you enter you have a chance, and as long as you keep positive, you can also be a winner. So good luck and don´t forget to click on the image to enter for your chance to win too. So don´t forget to come back often to see links to great giveaways, or to participate in giveaways that I´ll be promoting or hosting right here, in "The Happy Baby Blog".

Once again, good luck!

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