Thrifty Thursday July 31st 2014


Hi friends from "The Happy Baby Blog". I truly hope you guys are having a great day and preparing to have an excellent weekend. Today is Thursday and it means I have a cool find from one of my thrift store´s hunts.

This is my find for this Thursday. I found gauze cloth diapers, which I think are very cool since I can use as swaddles too. Since they are plain white, I thought it would be a great opportunity to experiment with natural dye from food or herbs and do some fun patterns.

The name of the brand of these diapers is: Enfant and these come in packs of 12. Each is usually about $12 dollars, but I got twice as much for less. I got two packs of 12 (24 in total), they were new in their packet, and I only paid 7 dollars that at the end went to charity, therefore happy yay!

Have a lovely day and if you Thrift shop or go to garage sales, happy thrifty hunting!

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1 comment:

  1. Interesting! I've never heard of this brand before. I LOVE my flats though. And I agree these would be super fun to dye.